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  • Extended deadline: Media Study Tours “Low-carbon Transformation in action – German and European perspectives”

Extended deadline: Media Study Tours “Low-carbon Transformation in action – German and European perspectives”

What is the story of Germany’s energy transition? How has the country benefited from its efforts to cut emissions and what have been the main challenges along the way? A new series of media study tours for journalists from Central and Eastern Europe will take a critical look at Germany’s Energiewende. We are inviting journalists to take part in the following study tours. The study tours provide climate and energy journalists with an opportunity to gain exclusive insights into Germany’s transformation in action in the run-up to COP23 in Bonn. Participation is free of charge.

You can choose from the series one or more tours with the following distinct themes: local action, green innovation and structural transformation – in three different areas of Germany.

TOUR 1 – 12 to 14 September 2017
Local climate action – climate policy and energy transition from a bottom-up perspective

TOUR 2 – 10 to 12 October 2017
Green innovations boosting the low-emission economy

TOUR 3 – 3 to 5 November 2017 (just before COP23 in Bonn)
Climate policy and Energy transition as an opportunity for structural change and rural areas

Each focusing on different aspects of German climate policy and the Energiewende, the study tours will offer opportunities to meet key players behind the transition and visit concrete projects. They will provide different perspectives on the benefits and challenges Germany has experienced so far.

Please note: All application documents need to be submitted before 25 August 2017. Journalists meeting the eligibility criteria may apply for a maximum of two study tours. Successful candidates will be contacted by 25 August 2017 and provided with a detailed preliminary agenda for the respective study tour.

For more details about the tours, travel arrangements and the application process, please visit https://media-study-tours.adelphi.de